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    Welcome to JiaHe Machinery Technology(JHT)

    Excellent equipment, Superb craftsmanship, Strict inspection, Quality excellence.

    With our excellent equipment, superb technology, strict inspection, improve after-sales service, and quality excellence.

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    Build The First Brand

    Committed to creating the world's first brand in the tool industry!

About Us

JHT is mainly engaged in the professional production of various round blades, cross-cutting straight blades, toothed blades, strip shaped blades, metallurgical mechanical cutting tools, leather mechanical blades, food packaging blades, food cutting knives, papermaking machinery knives, and carton machinery Knives, rubber machinery knives, pipe cutting machine knives, slitting machine knives, high-speed steel blades, alloy blades, tungsten steel blades, ceramic blades, disc vertical scissors, slitting blades and so on.


Our products are widely used in medical equipment, printing machinery, paper machinery, aluminum machinery, metal film mach Inery, tobacco machinery, packaging materials, electronics, light industry, food, BOPP film, ABS plastic, iron and steel metallurgy, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, shipbuilding, leather, rubber, machinery, chemical fiber / glass machinery, textile machinery, stationery Currently, the products have been exported all over the country and in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and Other regions.


For many years, we have established a foothold in the country, looking to the world, pioneering and innovating. We have been welcomed by new and old customers with its superior quality, high efficiency, complete functions, and thoughtful service. Always adhering to continuous improvement, all customer-centric principles, to create high-quality products, provide sophisticated services, to shape their own brand. Seriously listen to your every suggestion, quickly solve your every problem, the industry's exclusive introduction of advanced equipment, rapid response, return visits on a monthly basis, 24 hours a day, after-sales service response.